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My Story

It all started in The Church Of St. Margaret of Scotland in Queens, NY – a few blocks away from Shea Stadium and the site of the ’64 World’s Fair. The first music I remember hearing  was my mother playing organ in the Episcopal Church, and  lot of the chord progressions I use come from the hymnal, not by a conscious choice, just by accident. Most of this stuff happens by accident, that’s the beauty of it. The incense they used in the church was hell, but in kindergarten I was blown away by the organ, which had a bunch of keyboards stacked on top of each other. You can see this fixation I have with multiple keyboards in the videos from Jiggs’ Corner Music Saloon – I gotta have 2 of them. You don’t really need them with today’s synthesizer technology, but Bach used them and I played a lot of Bach on church organs. Plus, I’m Noah, I like 2 of everything, for security. The show must go on.

I took 5 years of classical piano, memorized Beethoven Sonatas, and figured out all of Elton John’s stuff by ear. My mother could listen to it once and play it, so there was no getting around the fact that it could be done. She played at night, and I heard it and picked it up by osmosis. Reading music helped me sight-read The Beatles Complete from the sheet music, along with Brubeck and a lot fo other stuff.

Through my ex-wife Susan I met Bob Gonzo in 1994, who finally got me on stage. He heard a tape I played him and said “What are you doing January 20th?” I said that night was free, but I could use a guitar player. He said James O’Malley was free that night, so I sent Pancakes (as he’s called) a tape. I offered to rehearse, but he said he knew the stuff from the tape. Turned out we were in front of 250 people that night, on live cable with 3 cameras in 3 states, and we still have the videotape. Pancakes was amazing, and he’s on the video that’s on the website. He’s also on the album, there's a sample cut of his heavy-metal work on the Music page. I’m interviewed on Gonzo’s comedy show, and we all hang regularly.

My son David bought me Protools, I put the live sound we used in the bar on the hard drive, and the album’s almost done. I spent a lot of time raising my son David (who shot the video and programmed the website and taught me Protools after he learned it) and playing minimal amounts of rock and roll for quite a while there, but a few years ago I started playing out, and one thing led to another.

The updates are on the home page, and what now amounts to a live album is available through the Video header.

More later,

- Mark

Next Gigs

To be announced.