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Lyrics: Who Needs This

I remember when you hit me with your anger, early on
And I remember getting out of our bed before dawn
Walking back to my house with my instincts talking to me
Like a nightmare had ended and set me free

You see my instincts have never been wrong              
Once they tell me to leave whatever was is gone 
I get to thinking who needs this                
And we're just waiting for the curtain to fall  
Just doing a last look around the room          
To see if I've packed it all                    
You know your anger didn't fit the situation at all
And I knew it didn't have a hell of a lot to do with me
I didn't know who it was meant for or where it came from
I just knew I was the one who'd set it free

And then the day came when you expected me to rescue you
From the mess that you'd made with the things I told you not do
And I was the one you blamed, but I didn’t put you there
And I'd gone beyond the point where I could care

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