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Lyrics: Vanishing Point

Sentences woven together as one
Revealing a person a time and a place
People all gathered together to run
An endless nonsensical race
To the shining face of the sun we will run
Till we get to the vanishing point
Where we start it all over again.

I have been the bricklayer wiping the sweat from his brow
I have been the sweat, and the handkerchief, and the pocket in the overalls
I have sat by the river where Ophelia drowned;
I was the rose she held as she died.
I have been the acolyte frozen in prayer, the signal to begin the battle, the nail clipping thrown away.
I am the boy who set Jehovah's eagle free,
Who then was left in its cage to die in its place.

And now I am going to quiet and dark.
On the way by she touches me so gently
A whisper of lovers saying goodbye
A whisper of breeze across tombstones
I am gone.

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