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Lyrics: Top of the Pyramid

Did you ever see the movie Network
Where that dude leans on the desk
And tells the guy in the chair who really runs this mess
It ain't the elected officials it ain't the government at all
It's the Fortune 500 makes the market rise & fall
And in turn that's all owned by a handful of clowns
Who cause their deals to go up as you watch yours go down

Some say the Godfather, some say Howard Hughes owns it
Some say Warner Brothers, and others say General Foods
And some say the Devil signs the paychecks at the top
Of this pyramid we're working on where the action never stops

The same Dirty Dozen has been running the world
For centuries as the tapestry of time has unfurled
They're the ones running the dope, they love that shit you see
They love what it does to the drones like you and me
It keeps us buying the toys they sell us; it keeps us on the job
It keeps us on the treadmill in a great unwashed mob

Well I raised a good kid, one who looks like he can cope
I held onto what freedom I had and didn't lose hope
But soon the big boys will own everything you see
I'm leaving it behind they won't get me
You can find us in the woods out by Walden Pond
It only took Thoreau a pair of seconds to catch on

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