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Lyrics: Last Call

I’ve done my best Brando, done my best Jimmy Dean
I’ve even gone so far as to let you see me
No excuse no bullshit no lie
All I ask is that you look in my eyes and tell me

Erica when are you gonna tip over and fall my way
You know I'd have said it if there was anything more to say
The only move I got left is to go on home
Last call I don't want to do that alone
Last Call Last Call

I will be me in the long run I'll pass the test
Sure as the setting sun sinks into the West
Lack of another person's love will never really diminish me
You know we are what we are no matter who that we see
But wouldn't it be nice if we went down that road together
I would settle for just one little piece of forever

I want to make love to you tonight till we see the sunrise
I want to believe in magic; and I think you know why
It's the Knights of the Round Table baby it's the Lord of the Rings
It's Rick's Cafè at Casablanca it could be all of these things
We could walk in the woods
Kiss each other underneath the pouring rain
When I met you tonight I knew I could be in love again

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