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Lyrics: Homeroom

No I ain't going to homeroom I got all the home I need
In the arms of my baby, she be arriving soon yes indeed
There's ice in the schoolyard all the puddles frozen black
She puts her arms around me
And we just walk on off down the tracks
Got a thirst more powerful than a locomotive
Dodging roadbed stones and ties
Soon as Baldy opens up the liquor store
I think I'll give survival a try

Well at least I got you honey
And I got more than enough beer
I just hope things are this funny        
When the bill come due in a few years    

Luther you and me we're going nowhere
We’re down and out, not on the up and up
Can't no steady job hold us
And we can't manufacture no more luck
Can't no way handle working
And I can't get it together to play
Told myself by now I'd be  bluesman
But I'm just fading away
Got the holes in the sneakers in February
Praying to God he don't make it rain
Least not till we finish this gram
And return to feeling no pain

You see I spent all my time and money
In the outer stratosphere
I just hope things are this funny
When the bill come due in a few years

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