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Lyrics: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

My faith in the potential of mankind has never changed
But till the potential is used the raw material stays deranged
The 3 stooges knew what they were talking about
Watch people operate you'll figure it out
Between the dream and the reality falls the shadow
And there's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and everywhere else
They say we evolved from the animal kingdom 
But sometimes I think we’re still back there myself

So I don't put nothing past them
They don't shock me no more
Cause the foolishness is constant
Down here on the killing floor

Now I ain't no doomfreak, I still have no doubt
That if we knock off the drama we can straighten it out
But on the other hand these Bozos can bear watching for sure
As yet there's no prevention and there sure ain't no cure
You know the more they change it, the more it stays the same
Cause the soul wears many faces and takes on many names
But they never seem to teach the children any kinda new routines
They just recycle the old ones and lie about what they mean

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