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Lyrics: Concerning Something Else

Chest deep in elsewhere
Deaf to all but inner voices
Something keeps him on about his chores
Though one would think from watching
As he drifts from room to room
With only vague intentions
One would think that at the next erratic turn
The boy will simply poof---and vanish.
Out through a private window, where of late he lingers
Gazing well into the solid wall

Or has he poofed inside?
Flung heartlong in secret,
Breathlessly suspended in a landscape he alone can see
Leaving here a shell to make appearances
And trouble only those few closest enough to him
To feel the mental draft?
Difficult to know.

Seemingly senseless, burrowing through empty air
It’s love that plays a person like a game
Adrift on inner winds
And elsewhere.

© 1994 Mark Walsh/John Pruessner

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