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Lyrics: Ask the Mirror

You can go back; try to make it like it used to be 
You can give it one more try 
You can get fucked over again and again and again 
Until you finally ask the mirror why 

And no matter who you're with, it's another lonely night 
Ain't no comfort to know that what you're doing is right 
But there's no way you can go back to the past 
You know back there you'd never last 

Last time it hit you it fell in like a ton of bricks 
The feeling comes; the feeling goes
You gaze in awe as the voice in your head gets its kicks 
With the jive it throws 

The conventional wisdom says you lose your mind when love dies
It don't have to make any sense
What's in your head can contradict what's in front of your eyes
And there's no defense
So turn it around; stop running back to how it used to be
Take a chance on somebody walking by
Rewrite the script sit back and notice the results that come
When you ask the mirror why

And no matter who you're with, it ain't another lonely night
Make the right moves; sooner or later it comes out right
But there's no way you can go back to the past
You know back there you'll never last

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